Catching Up

It’s been quite a week, friends. For all of us, I think. My brain was full enough that I haven’t had the energy or motivation to blog, but I’m hoping things will start to change now — in a lot of ways! I’m sure my views are no secret, but I’ll just say that I felt an enormous sense of relief yesterday, and I felt my body relax in a way it hadn’t in about four years, I think.

Yep, I wore ALL the things to vote. It was quick and simple at my location, and everyone was polite and friendly. I finished my Christmas socks while watching A LOT of election coverage, and started a new pair. Jack sat on my knitting bag at one point, bending my needle, but thankfully the husband was able to bend it back without damage.

The sock is my Tainted Love birthday yarn from Sarah and gosh, isn’t it a great mix of colors?? I love it! And yesterday afternoon I felt so good that I decided to work on something besides a plain sock, and pulled out a lace cowl.

Though I want to finish some WIPs, I have to admit that my brain is wandering a bit and making me want to cast on some new things. I should just remind myself that now is the time to finish strong for the year, and meet my goal of using at least as many skeins from my stash as I added to it. Surprisingly, even with all the stress-shopping of this year, I’m on track to at least break even. It would be good to get a win out of 2020 … I mean, another win!

8 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I LOVE your voting outfit – so awesome!!!
    Yikes, I thought your knitting needle was supposed to be like that when I saw it (I have a set of those flexi-tip ones that kind of curve) but I’m glad you were able to get it straightened out (literally!!).

  2. Love all your voting gear, and your projects are looking great! Love the Christmas socks too šŸ™‚ It was quick and easy at our voting place too. It is at an elementary school that is right next to our development, so it was a 5 minute walk. We were able to get right in and vote – no waiting!

  3. I also felt a huge sense of relief this weekend! Though after the week that came before it, I will probably need a bunch more time to properly recover from this election. I found that I was too tense to knit while watching night-of election coverage. I didn’t want my gauge to be off and have to rip out whatever I’d knit.

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