Sock It To Me Monday

I’ll tell you what, election anxiety is socking it to me today! I made the mistake of scrolling through Facebook and it’s just not worth it right now. Unfortunately my job involves social media so I can’t unplug completely, but I’m doing my best to limit exposure. And the best way to do that is by knitting!

We’ve been bingeing Designated Survivor the last week or so, so my sock got plenty of love. We also recently watched The Queen’s Gambit and it was fantastic. Highly recommend! The black is the hat the boy asked me to make for him; he even thanked me when we decided on yarn and pattern, bless his heart! It will probably be my voting knitting, since it’s just 1×1 rib for several inches, and it will go in my new bag, which just arrived this morning.

Happy Monday, friends. Wishing you peace today!

10 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. After watching The Social Dilemma, I deleted many of my social media accounts. I resent the fact that outside factors can be so harmful to my well-being. Take care of your soul, my dear!

    • Yeah, I watched that too. It was interesting. I’ve always had my notifications off, but I’m more aware of ads/suggested content and never click on those. I can’t delete my accounts because of work, but most of the time I can use them with a good balance. I’m guessing things will get better in time!

  2. I’ve been sewing to reduce anxiety, mostly because I dislike sewing so much all I can do is focus on not screwing it up. I’m not sure if I’ll feel better or worse after the election, but either way I’m happy for the friends I have in Blogville.

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