FO: Sailing

I’m doing pretty well with my Finish-itis and got my Sailing shawl done and blocked. It’s a little smaller than I expected but still very wearable.

I bought the pattern on Lovecrafts and it was good mindless knitting, lots of soothing garter stitch. And I love the yarn! It’s a merino fingering weight from Orange Jellyfish Dream in a OOAK purple/gray color.

With that done, I’ve turned my attention to the other purple/gray shawl on my needles, although I did cast on for my Christmas socks too. And I’m getting some good knitting time today too. Jack got a hot spot last night (an itchy spot on the skin that dogs then lick/scratch obsessively so it can get infected if it’s not treated quickly), so he’s in the cone of shame today and very unhappy about it. He seems to be happier next to me, so we’re just chilling in the living room. And Duncan is lending his moral support, since he remembers how miserable the cone is.

With any luck, the vet will be able to get us some meds without me having to take him in yet again. He hates the vet so much, and we’ve been having skin issues already lately, so this isn’t a new problem. With any luck, it will heal quickly and we can free him from his miserable cone!

10 thoughts on “FO: Sailing

  1. Hi Bonnie, I’m so sorry for poor Jack’s hot spots, I know he must be miserable. We had a lab/husky mix years ago that got them this time every year. The vet gave him Prednisone for a month, we just had to call him. Mac would lick myself bloody, poor boy, the Prednisone was a lifesaver for him. Just wanted to let you know what worked for us. Your doggies are so sweet.

    • Thank you! Yes, we’ve used Prednisone in the past too, and it’s helped a lot. He got an anti-itch med and an antibiotic this time, and should start feeling better soon.

  2. The color of your shawl is beautiful. Tell Jack that he is going to feel better really soon, but he has to stop licking. Razz is a licker, so he knows all about the COS. Give him a big “boop” on the snoot!!

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