Saturday Socks

I finished a pair of socks last night! But I’m not sharing those today; I’m saving that for Monday. But the best thing about finishing a pair of socks? Casting on a new pair!

I’m itching to get into the Christmas spirit so I’m casting on a new Christmas sock now. Maybe I can get two pairs done before December!

I also need to start socks for my son, but he wants a long leg, about mid-calf. I’ve never done any that long and am wondering if I need to do any shaping to make sure they fit will. Anybody have any tips?

11 thoughts on “Saturday Socks

  1. Top down or toe up? If he has thick calves and skinnier near the ankles you may need to shape a little bit. It also depends on the pattern and whether you’ve got ribbing. And then there’s the heel: short row may fit better than a flap, for instance. (I’m not a sock expert, but I’ve done enough for different people in my family that I’ve learned some patterns end up baggier on a skinny ankle than others.) Do any of these considerations help you plan?

    • I always do cuff down, and he’s got socks with the heel flap, so we’re good there. He’s a slim guy overall so I’ll probably measure his calf and his ankle and see what the difference is. Thank you!

  2. Measure at various points up his calf. If there’s more than an inch or so difference in circumference, you may want to do some shaping. The couple times I did long socks, I just calculated the difference in circumference and the length of knitting I had to made the change, then figured out the rate of increase from there. (It would be decrease for you for cuff down.) But if his calf is pretty much the same, you don’t need to do much of anything.

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