WIP Wednesday

The Dissent Cowl might be my only WIP until it’s done. Guys, this is so cool! It’s so simple but looks intricate and super fancy.

I didn’t do the cast-on in the pattern, just my usual long-tail cast-on, and it looks fine. The yarns are playing really well together; they’re both smooth and squishy. It’s making a stiff, dense fabric, and I think it’s going to be nice and warm this winter. The stitch marker is from a Wonder Women set. Just seemed appropriate!

The other highlight of my week so far is that I got to attend an author event for a new book! Okay, it was virtual, but still fun. The Strand Bookstore hosted Matt Haig for a chat led by Kristin Hannah, who’s one of my favorite authors. My book group read Haig’s book How to Stop Time recently and I loved it, and he has a new book out now, The Midnight Library, that I’ve ordered and am eagerly anticipating.

It was great to listen to him talk about the book and his writing process and career, but honestly, the best part was hearing him talk so casually and easily about his mental health experiences. It was just part of the conversation, part of why his books are what they are, part of HIM. It wasn’t a big deal, wasn’t a topic all on its own, just a matter-of-fact acknowledgement that yeah, he’s had depression, had anxiety, that he still struggles with some of it sometimes.

It was refreshing, and encouraging. I’d love to see society as a whole get to a point where it’s not considered shameful or embarrassing to be dealing with depression or anxiety. Especially now, with the stress we’re all under. I don’t make a secret of my history with depression. Fun fact: I had my annual checkup yesterday and mental health was the focus of it. I left with homework to call my therapist plus an additional med to help me handle what my current anti-depressant isn’t handling. (I’m kind of okay most of the time, but I’d like to be better than okay. We’re all a WIP, right?) It helps me to hear from other awesome people who are dealing with similar issues. So, yeah, Matt Haig is awesome. Smart and funny and witty and neurotic. And now I need to read all his books.

Do you have any authors you read partly because you like them so much away from their books?

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Looking good! I appreciate the neatness of your cast on edge! No funky wobbling 🙂

    It’s definitely the kind of pattern you don’t want to put down. I cranked through 30 rows the other night – just one more row – every time. LOL. I think it’ll be my debate knitting tonight. That should get me close to the end.

  2. That looks like a great WIP!

    I picked up The Midnight Library from my local bookstore the other day when I went to pick up a book I had preordered. I didn’t know anything about Haig before reading your post, but the book sounds good!

  3. Your cowl is looking great!
    It is important that people be able to talk about and deal with mental health issues without shame or embarrassment. It’s always good when prominent people are open with their experiences and encourage others. Glad you had a good experience with this!

  4. That cowl + stitch marker = perfection!

    I agree, there is still too much of a stigma surrounding mental health and struggling with it. It makes me happy to hear when people with platforms discuss it openly and normalize it.

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