WIP Wednesday: Olive Pink

I recently read that one of the things that comes up a lot in discussions of managing mental health is having a sense of accomplishment or achievement. That really resonated with me, and explained why I needed to jump into a big painting project right after I was furloughed. At the time, I was feeling kind of lost and aimless, and finishing something as obvious as painting a room was exactly what I needed. After I moved on from painting, I switched to finishing knitting projects. First it was my Penny sweater, then my Pride socks. I knit on them almost exclusively, maybe obsessively, until they were done and I could check them off. Now my focus has switched to my Olive Pink shawl and I’m determined to finish this darn thing.

CFF628CF-7A6D-4A15-8B8C-00D727A55380 It’s something like 20 sections and I’m on section 15b and OMG I’m ready to get to the next section. The first 12 sections were great, changing colors and stitches so often that I wanted to keep knitting to see what was next. But sections 13-15 are much the same, all with the pink, and I’m tired of that. As cool as it looks, I need a new texture! I’m hoping I can power through this section today and get to something different. And when it’s all done, who wants to weave in all the ends for me?

15 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Olive Pink

  1. This is coming along so beautifully! (But sorry, will not weave in the ends) :p I feel you on the sense of accomplishment. Been feeling lost lately without being to go anywhere or do anything, so might as well do things at home that are tangible and give me some purpose.

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