Penny FO: Pretty in Pink

Some colors are almost impossible to photograph well, unless you’ve got a lot more photography experience and knowledge than I do, I guess! I’ve tried a few different times, places, and lighting scenarios to get photos of my finished Penny sweater and the vivid pink (Malabrigo in Fucsia) just resists all my attempts to show the true color. So this is what you get, and at least you’ll be able to see the pretty lace!

AE4102DB-5D28-4EEC-AB73-54ACEB7A72AB_1_201_aThis experience taught me a couple of things. One: that shit does NOT always block out. The ladders on my first sleeve are still there. Whatever. And two: Malabrigo Arroyo, or maybe all superwash, grows A LOT in the bath. I knit this according to the pattern specifications and it was kind of huge when I first got it out of the water. I had to squish it back into a more normal size and it still seems very long. But it fits pretty well and that’s the important part!

The neckline is a bit lower than I expected, but it doesn’t bother me much since I’ll be wearing this over something else anyway. And I really like the lace detail down the middle of the sleeves.

7CC2305B-D6D8-44B0-8FCA-2C51F1E593D9_1_201_aI don’t know why but I didn’t enjoy knitting this one very much. Part of it was my confusion when it was time to join the body and sleeves for the yoke, and I felt like the instructions for the decreases could have been clearer. But I have to admit the final product is lovely, and I bet I’ll enjoy wearing it!

17 thoughts on “Penny FO: Pretty in Pink

  1. This is lovely! I wish I had more sweater experience and could provide input on why sweaters grow (and not always in the ways we expect) in the wash, but sadly all I can add to that part of the discussion is to say that I’ve noticed it, too. 🙂

      • I think it might be partly the weight of the yarn? Even fingering weight yarn is heavier than you might expect when you have a sweater’s-worth of it. I just know that not all of my sweaters have grown in quite the same way, so it’s a fun adventure every time! LOL

    • Thank you. I’m just glad my perfectionism doesn’t carry over into my knitting and I’ll be able to wear it without the stupid ladders driving me nuts.

  2. That’s so cool!
    I just did my first superwash sweater and I’d heard about the stretch and someone told me that if you put it in the dryer it can bring it back (they told me to google for how long) – if you’re brave 🙂

  3. Do you know, I’ve read all your updates on this and never once put together that it was the Tin Can Knits pattern I’ve been considering! I’m special…
    It looks beautiful, and the lacey bit down the sleeves really finishes it off. Extra bonus that it fits!!

  4. This is so lovely! I’m trying to psych myself up to try lace, and this is just the inspiration I needed

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