Happy Saturday!

It’s the weirdest thing, guys: I avoided the news and social media a lot today, and played showtunes and sang along loudly, and puttered around the house doing fun little things, and it’s been a good day!

I’ve done almost no knitting today, though I hope to tonight. So far I got five masks ready for my nurse friend, and spent a couple of hours in my craft room, rearranging and putting out some knickknacks that had been packed away. Plus I got several things hung, including my new puzzle!

On the other wall, only the big movie poster is a new addition. I’d forgotten about it and was really happy when I found it!

Not much room to hang more puzzles, unfortunately, but I’m quite tickled with how it all looks. And now I can sit down with a glass of wine and my knitting and enjoy a quiet Saturday night!

9 thoughts on “Happy Saturday!

  1. I love your craft room – very cool! Yes, likewise. I just check our local news one time in the morning to catch up on what’s going on in my community. Otherwise it’s just too stressful dwelling on stuff I can’t do anything about.

  2. Great progress on the craft room! I agree about avoiding the news (to a degree) being important for sanity right now. I am trying to find that balance between “staying informed” and “staying sane” and I think part of it is setting limits on when and for how long I read the news or Twitter. I hope you can find that balance, too!

    • It’s easier to find on the weekends! I work in a communications department, so part of my job is social media stuff that I can’t avoid. But I’ve gotten more vigilant about stepping away for other tasks, and that helps.

      • Needing to look at social media stuff for work would make it harder. My work is all internal stuff, so I don’t have to look at anything in the news during the work day. (Sometimes I do when I take breaks, but I don’t have to, and that helps.)

  3. That’s an excellent plan – I’ve avoided the news for years because it sets my anxiety right off. Showtunes are so much better than a list of what’s wrong with the world!
    I love how Twilight-y your room is 😀 Team Edward or team Jacob?

    • You even have to ask?? Did you not see the big puzzle of Edward? 😉 Even my car is named Edward, because he’s gorgeous and strong and fast and protects me!

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