Friday, bah

Today is Friday and it is a good thing it’s Friday, but I’m not in a very Friday-ish mood. I’ve got some frustrating work stuff going on that’s not helping my mindset. I might have ended up browsing for yarn online this morning! I also decided I needed a fun new project.

49a7f868-cad3-40a9-b58c-313a8b831072These will be shortie socks using leftovers from other projects. I’ve only got three pairs of shorties and have been enjoying them as spring has sprung. I’m pretty sure the pink is Hedgehog Fibres and the black mix is Madtosh. The colors don’t exactly match but eh. Whatever. I’m even tempted to use some of my smaller balls to make single socks and just mix and match. Great way to use up some sock yarn! Happy Friday, friends.

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