Wonderful Worsted

Have you ever made socks with worsted weight yarn? I hadn’t, but I cast one on last night after work and by bedtime I was past the gusset! And not only is it super fast, it’s thick and squishy too. The yarn is Mountain Meadow Wool Tweed Worsted, and I’m using Agate for the body and Pumice for the cuff and toe. It might not be the softest yarn against my face, but I think it will make fantastic boot socks.


I might even make some for the boy to wear with his Doc Martens, if I can manage making socks for man-sized feet. They do take a long time, but then again, as fast as worsted weight socks go, maybe it would be fine!

More yarn showed up in my mailbox the other day. I swear, having good reasons to buy yarn is definitely a silver lining to this whole mess. These beauties came from Yarn Cafe Creations and helped pay to repair their water well. I felt good helping and I got yarn!


The two on the left will be a future shawl of some sort, and the one on the left will become socks, probably as soon as I finish my worsted socks!

I’m so glad I’ve got my knitting mojo back and will enjoy it as long as it decides to stay. I’ve also been rewatching the Twilight movies and just having something so familiar that I love so much has been really comforting. I’m thinking I’ll move on to the Harry Potter series when I’m done with Twilight. What are you finding brings you the most comfort these days?

17 thoughts on “Wonderful Worsted

  1. I have and I loved it! Took me about a day per sock. They were really warm, very wooly boot socks. Sometimes I wear them around as slippers. In spite of them being 100% wool and not superwash, they will outlive me.

      • My problem is that if I knit some for myself for slipper socks, I’ll want to put something on the sole to keep them from being so slippery. We’ll see. Maybe it won’t be as important as I think it will.

        Maybe now is the time for me to start knitting the Christmas slipper-socks that I bought the yarn for last December…

  2. Worsted weight is probably a good place for a newbie sock knitted like me to start. I shall bear them in mind. Last night I watched some out takes or bloopers on YouTube. Needed a good laugh. Peter Kay’s Car Share and came across bloopers from Carol Burnett show.

  3. I should make some worsted weight socks. I think they would be great to wear around the house.
    I’m watching a lot of knitting podcasts, doing a lot of zoom calls, and obsessively knitting on my hitchhiker. I am looking forward to finishing it so I can move on to my sweater.

    • Yes, these are really squishy and good. And the best part is how quick they knit up so you can feel all accomplished! I’ve made three or four Hitchhikers but it’s been a long time. Maybe I need another!

  4. ::eyes your yarn stash::

    ::takes off with the “Constellation” color way::

    I’m so happy you have your knitting mojo back 🙂 Definitely I find comfort in crafting at the moment. Also spending my days with the pup. He prefers spending his time with me in my little office (sorry Husband!) and being able to give him little pets throughout the day, especially if I feel stressed, has been so soothing 🙂

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