Not a stitch

There was no knitting yesterday. Crazy, right? We’re working from home, I have so much time, I should be knitting up a storm! Wait, no, there is no “should be” anything right now, so let’s say, you’d think I’d be knitting up a storm. Instead, I spent most of my free time yesterday working on this:

img_7396WHY I thought this would be a fun puzzle, I don’t know! There are so many black pieces and shades of gray and I despair of ever finishing it, but I’m just stubborn enough to do it, if for no other reason than to allow myself to buy a more colorful puzzle.

Today we have sunshine and it’s almost Friday and it was another happy mail day at my house. This is the last of my stress-purchase yarn but it’s all so GOOD:

On the left are two skeins from Orange Jellyfish Dream. The bright multicolored is sock yarn and the purple/gray was a discounted OOAK skein of fingering weight, so maybe a shawl? On the right are four skeins of SoLo, a fingering weight merino from LoloDidIt, that will become an Olive Pink shawl. Maybe I’ll get some knitting done tonight, who knows!

9 thoughts on “Not a stitch

  1. More stunning yarns! Maybe you can make a jigsaw from skeins instead next time? I’m feeling a bit the same – I just rescued a knitting project back onto the needles but I thought I’d be purling away, but not quite yet. Looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous creations when you get back to it.

    • Not sure if you mean a literal yarn puzzle, or a puzzle with pictures of yarn, but either one would be better than this! Hope we both get our knitting & purling mojo back soon.

  2. Love the stress-bought yarn! I’ve been knitting at least as much as normal lately, but NOT on the projects I thought I would be working on. I’ve been casting on new quick projects (fingerless mitts at the moment) and knitting nearly exclusively on those instead of working on my larger shawl or sweater or blanket WIPs. It’s odd, but hey! Whatever gets us through the anxiety.

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