WIP Wednesday: Bonny Lass

I know it’s Wednesday because Blogville tells me so, with other WIP Wednesday posts! I wasted no time in winding my beautiful Bonny Lass yarn from Kitty Pride Fibers last night. I’d already done some pattern hunting while I waited for the yarn to arrive so I just had to make my final pick. I knew I wanted lace, and I felt like it needed to be a classic half-circle shawl shape. I ended up choosing Dowland and cast on last night.

This will definitely NOT be a watching TV kind of project, and in fact, might be the first project where I faithfully use lifelines! I’m about to start chart two of eight, and I’m thinking the first lifeline will go in at the end of chart two, just to be safe. Do you use lifelines for all your lace projects?

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Bonny Lass

  1. With some projects, lifelines are a must! I use them any time I feel a need to have extra security, or with projects that I need to pay extra attention to. Also, they’re really useful for measuring even if you don’t need the security. It’s so much easier to measure how far you’ve knit since a lifeline than how far you’ve knit since a single safety pin or stitch marker.

    (So… yes. Use the lifeline.)

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