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FO: Gift Socks

How do you other people manage to write posts every day, or every other day? Here I am, lucky to get one a week out. I think about it more often, I even have post ideas more often, but to have the time and energy to get the words out? Well. This is what I can manage right now and that’s all there is to it. I have been experiencing spurts of Christmas spirit and that’s quite fun. In fact, I might even wrap some presents today!

Yes, I do have most of my Christmas shopping done, except for a few teenagers who haven’t shared any ideas (the girl being one of them!!). The husband woke up sick this morning so he’s in bed and I’ll be on dinner duty tonight. It’s fine, we’ll just have meatloaf instead of his homemade turkey noodle soup. (I’m crying on the inside, but we’ll have the soup another day. I’ll survive.)

I finished a pair of gift socks on Friday. These are for my work gift exchange, the worsted weight house socks, and they might not be exactly the same size, but they’re pretty darn close and once they get out of their bath, I should be able to pat them into the same size.

img_6274The pattern is Arinn and they’re very simple, would be a great first sock pattern. I really like the rib pattern and how it flows down the foot. Yarn is Berroco Vintage, perfect for gifts because it’s machine washable.

Yesterday I spent my knitting time on my Color Me Happy cowl, which has been in hibernation while I focused on gift knitting. It’s HUGE, and I still have about ten rows of purple and then another section of two colors striped together. I’m loving these little eyelet bits in the purple. They’ll block out so nicely!

I’ll probably work on this again today and go back to gift knitting tomorrow. I’ve got one more gift sock to finish and I’d like to make the mother a wine sweater too, just for fun.

IMG_4913We went to a pop-up Christmas bar as part of our work holiday party, and I loved it so much! (Oh and I also gifted the cactus, along with some prickly pear tea, and I think it was a hit!) So, cheers to you — I hope you’re having a lovely winter holiday season so far!

That’s it, then

When I came home from work Tuesday night, I thought having the next five days off sounded like such a long time. But now I’m in the last day and guess what, it was not that long! The dinners are done, the girl is gone, and I go back to work tomorrow, alas. But all is not lost because it is December, the Christmas decorations are up, the girl will be back for winter break in about two weeks, and I still have the rest of the day to knit! The temptation to start something new for me is strong, but I will probably be good and work on my gift socks. I’ve got two pairs in the works.

img_6208The left is Treasure Goddess sock yarn, and the right is Berroco Vintage worsted. It’s for a work gift exchange. They chose a sock theme and of course I had to make socks! But I don’t have time to make actual sock-weight socks, so I’m doing a nice cozy bed sock or house sock or whatever you want to call it. I finished the first one in about four days — I’d forgotten how quickly worsted weight socks knit up! The pattern for that one is Arinn and it’s a simple rib. I also finished a cowl but it’s a test knit so I’m going to save that one for when the pattern is live and I have some prettier photos.

Oh, but I also need to make another Santa hat! Guess I better get to knitting!