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Color Me Happy!

This project has been done for over two weeks, blocked and everything, and it wasn’t until yesterday that I was able to get some good photos. First it was too late in the evening and there wasn’t enough light, then there was so much cold and snow. But we’re in a warm stretch at the moment so I snuck out to the back yard after work yesterday with my new Color Me Happy Cowl.

fullsizeoutput_250cI didn’t measure it after blocking but before blocking it was at least 30″ long. This is a beast of a cowl, and I have to admit, it was a trudge to knit. So much stockinette in the round! I’d rather do that much ribbing any day. But wow, how I love the way the colors go together! And it’s easier to wear than I thought it would be, since it’s so long. It just all mushes up together around your neck.


There was one section with a bit of lace to break up all the stockinette, and that helped with the monotony. A little.


The green yarn is Ella Rae Lace Merino, the purple is Holiday Yarns FlockSock Sock, and the variegated is Supernatural Yarns Pixie Sock. And not only did I pull all these from my stash, but I have enough of the purple and variegated to make some gorgeous socks. And now, because it’s so pretty and the light was good, here are the rest of the photos because I couldn’t pick which ones to use!

Now I must go finish my holiday chores before I can get back to knitting!

Frog and start over

Recently I wrote about a project┬áthat was not behaving in an appropriate manner, the Heart Check cowl. There was an error in the written instructions and after knitting the first section twice, I realized I was now holding a grudge against the poor pattern and I didn’t want to knit it again. But I still wanted a cowl in the beautiful magenta Malabrigo, so I went browsing until I found a worthy candidate, the Waverly Weekend Cowl. It says it can be made in a weekend, and maybe it can, but certainly not in a weekend like mine with two family parties, including one at my house that required a bit of tidying up. (Okay. A lot. I have three dogs and I hate housework. And also, in the future, I either need to have leather couches or no dogs. And no dogs is not an option, so leather couches it will be. Vacuuming couches is a terrible thing to have to do.) Anyway! I have at least made some progress and it’s enough to know that the pattern appears to be error-free and I’m liking the lace.


It’s also enough to know that this vivid pink yarn is next to impossible to photograph well. This was in my backyard, in the shade, late in the day when the sun was on the other side of the house. It’s usually my best light for photos. But this pink, wowzers!

The sixteen rounds on that cowl were pretty much the extent of my knitting for the weekend, but I also got to celebrate the girl’s 19th birthday with our family, plus the brother’s college graduation, plus I went to a local symphony concert with the girl Saturday night.

The dogs all partied pretty well. Jack got a sedative so he wouldn’t bark constantly, and each dog got their own empty peanut butter jar to lick clean. But after a couple of hours socializing, they were pooped and wanted to sack out on the couch. I have to say, I felt the same way! It was a good weekend, but exhausting and I feel like Monday came much too quickly. I need a spring break like my kids!