Simple Knitting

I went to Joann yesterday for one thing, just one skein of green acrylic so I can knit a cactus. (Or crochet. I haven’t decided. Can you believe I didn’t have the right color in my stash? I can’t!) But of course I had a $10 coupon so I had to get something else, and I happened upon some lovely lavender Bernat Velvet. It is SOFT. Soft is comforting, and I like comforting right now. But I’ve also learned that when working with novelty yarns like chenille, it’s easier to hold another yarn with it, so I grabbed some Paton’s wool in almost the same color. And since I finished a project this morning (it’s blocking, pics will be another day) I decided I need to cast on something new and soft and snuggly.


I tried crochet first, but it didn’t give me the depth and texture I wanted, so I switched to knitting a 2×2 rib. Hopefully I can avoid the chenille “worms” I learned about when looking at Ravelry projects with this yarn! This is for me of course (it’s purple!) so even if I get a few worms, I figure I can deal with it. I just might have to call them something else! Have you had worms in your knitting before?

11 thoughts on “Simple Knitting

  1. I haven’t knit with chenille in so long that I forget if I’ve had any problems with it. I guess if you’re aware of it you’ll be better equipped to take steps to avoid the worms? That or just embrace them as a design feature. 😉

    Side note, I went into my JoAnn’s today for some buttons. But they’d renovated recently and I hadn’t been in since then, so of course I visited the yarn aisle also, and I came home with some new sock yarn. Because sock yarn.

  2. I had to click your link to learn that there’s apparently a term for that frustration! You really have me wanting to knit a cowl! I think it would be great for dog walking!

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