Meager progress

Well. Here it is Tuesday and I haven’t posted since Thursday, and in between those days were two lovely snowed-in days, and you’d think I’d have a ton of knitting to show you.

I don’t.

I worked on my Boho Blanket but it looks about the same so there’s no point in showing another photo. I worked on my Wave shawl and the yarn is still gorgeous, but again, not enough progress to warrant a new photo. So this is all I have to show you today.


Since I had three first socks done, I spent part of Saturday casting on three second socks. That way they’d be ready to go and I’d have no excuse not to work on them. That’s the theory anyway.

So I guess maybe that was plenty of knitting for the last five days? I don’t know. All I know is I better start finishing some projects soon!

7 thoughts on “Meager progress

  1. Hey, I often find that the cast-on of a sock takes as much time as knitting several inches of an already-started sock. (For me, it depends on the yarn + needle combo, and how likely it is to try to twist on me.) So that looks like good progress to me!

      • This is one reason I like knitting toe-up socks. But… I like the gusset heels better on cuff-down socks. And I like some of the fun top-down cuffs, so I guess I’ll have to keep knitting a variety of sock types. šŸ˜‰

      • I must confess: I have never knit a toe-up sock! I know it’s the best way to use up all your yarn, but I’m so comfortable with cuff-down that I’m hesitant to do anything else!

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