A new blanket

Along with all the smaller, quicker projects on my needles, I have one more ambitious project: a blanket. Now, it’s a baby blanket, so it’s smaller and hopefully quicker, but still, there’s a reason I don’t make very many blankets. (They take me forever because I get bored. Or I get bored because they take forever. Chicken or egg?) But this one is a review project, and a gift, so I have extra motivation to complete it. I’m making the Boho Baby Blanket by Appalachian Baby Design in Indigo and Silver. It has sixteen pattern repeats, so I did some math and determined that I just need to do two repeats per week to finish on time. And I am right on track!


I usually work on this on the weekend, so that I also have time for my selfish knitting, and I’ve memorized the pattern so that the knitting has sped up. It’s a pretty pattern, and I think the baby’s mom will appreciate it, but I don’t think blankets will ever be my favorite thing to knit!


12 thoughts on “A new blanket

  1. I completely know what you mean. Knitting blankets always feels like a slog to me, no matter how much I enjoy the yarn or the pattern. However, I’ve found that I am happier crocheting a blanket, so that’s what I tend to do these days when I want to make a blanket.

  2. That’s a beautiful blanket! Looks like it will be very warm and cozy 🙂

    One thing I appreciate about knitting is it seems to work up much faster than crochet!

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  4. They do take ever so long, don’t they? I can crochet blankets no problem, but it has to be a really special person to merit a knitted blanket. Yours looks gorgeous, it made me think of waves in the sea

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