Back to School

I’m going back to college! Okay, so it’s just one day-long course, but it’s a class and it’s at a college, so it counts. I’m taking a course in Microsoft Access Fundamentals, and it’s for work. Like they encouraged me to take it and paid for it, and I love that they’re eager and willing to support the growth of their members. And I’m kind of a nerd who likes learning new things so I’m looking forward to it a lot.

I have thought about going back to college though, maybe for a Communications or Marketing degree. Actually, what sounds the most intriguing is Graphic Design, and I could do that through a local community college. But with a college freshman, a high school sophomore, and a fixer upper with a big project looming, it’s not in the cards at the moment. Still, I’m keeping the idea in my pocket for when/if it becomes more feasible. Have any of you gone back to school as grownup? Is it scary? Overwhelming?

I do plan to have a project with me just in case I have some time to knit. Or maybe crochet! I have another hat commission, this one using some gorgeous silk yarn from Expression Fiber Arts. Color is Russian Blue.

That’s a Scat Mat it’s lying on, and yes, there’s my foot. Not all photos can be a masterpiece, you know!

8 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Awesome! I *love* Access. I had so much fun with it when we needed it for the business. I would spend hours working with SQL trying to make it do what I wanted it to do – and sometimes it worked!
    Yes, going back to school as a grownup is scary, frustrating, challenging, and exhausting…but overall I’d say it’s been a positive experience just in terms of being challenged and growing again. Hopefully, it will all pay off when I’m done, too!

  2. I will say I don’t have children so the time and financial factors are not something I need to mull over at this time. With this being said I took one Spanish course through the local community college and LOVED it. The class was 5 credits so it took up a lot of time. Between the class time and the homework I was exhausted (I was working full time). My advice… if you are passionate about the subject manner the courses will feel invigorating, but be prepared mentally to work a balance between your home life/ work life/ school life. In the meantime, take advantage of every free/ employer sponsored course you can take 😊

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