“Progress” on my Shawl

I have been working on my Mermaid shawl for a few weeks now, sporadically. The last photo I shared was this one, though I’d made it a few more rows after taking this:


Now, please, allow me to show off the progress:

Isn’t it impressive? (heavy sarcasm there, you can hear it, I’m sure.) Sighhhh. I had just figured out how I wanted to split up the five colors, instead of using six like the pattern calls for, and on my next row I checked my stitch count and it was WAY off. Like more than 30 stitches too many. ARGH. My conclusion is that I cast on too many (maybe 462 instead of 426?) and there was no choice but to frog and start over. Silver lining: I was only 11 rows in and I feel confident in my stitch count this time. Should be smooth sailing now!

11 thoughts on ““Progress” on my Shawl

  1. Oh dear. Ripping your work back takes guts! I always used to fudge over mistakes and it took me many years to get over the anxiety enducing fear of wasted time if I ripped it back. I cant wait to see the new and improved shawl – i am sure it will be lovely and when you finish.

  2. Been there, done that …Kudos to you for starting over. Especially with that stitch count 😳 But you can look forward to shorter rows – yay 😁 The yarn is gorgeous, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this beauty for many years to come πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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