Travel Knitting

I understand now why knitters always pack so many more projects than they think they’ll need. The unthinkable happened when I was visiting the girl last week: I was at risk of running out of knitting! *gasp* How did I let that happen, you ask? Well, you see, I finished a second sock on the plane there and cast on another sock the next day, but I had a lot of knitting time so that sock got done by mid-Monday.


Mostly it’s the fault of the mermaid shawl: I hadn’t realized I was so close to needing the second color, and hadn’t brought it, so I was only able to do two rows on that shawl, which is what I’d planned on knitting when I was hanging out in the dorm by myself. That left one project, my Hogwarts cowl, and I confess I didn’t even finish it. I’m actually a little stuck on it because it’s getting so tall. I was basing it on this pattern which is also a tall skinny cowl and it’s coming out like it should, I think, but I’m not convinced I’ll enjoy wearing it. I’m half tempted to frog and make a wider, shorter cowl. Thoughts?


But we made a stop at the Longmont Yarn Shoppe on Sunday and I bought a beautiful little skein of Baah! super bulky Sequoia and had to knit that up right away. (See my two-hour cowl.) And after knitting with super bulky, I wanted more, not my fingering weight Hogwarts cowl. So yeah, I made another detour to Joann and used a coupon to buy a $3 skein of super bulky for a quick gray cowl that I left for the girl. It must be getting cold if I’m itching to knit all the bulky yarns! Still, when I got home and cast on a new project (because of course I did), it’s a sport weight, not bulky.


This is my new Manos del Uruguay Feliz and I’m loving it so far. The pattern is Late Harvest and I’m excited to get to the lace section. I’ve also made good progress on my boy socks, once I had him try them on and I measured his foot. The first one is *thisclose* to being done, and the second one should go a lot faster.


But I swear, the bulky knitting will be happening soon!

8 thoughts on “Travel Knitting

  1. Great socks! That cowl is going to be neat when you finish it. We knitters are so lucky to be able to knit and re knit if desired. If only do overs were always so easy

  2. Bulky knitting is very rewarding with how quickly it gets finished! Though it’s not always the best travel knitting since the yarn is thicker. 😉

    • Gah, I hit enter too fast. I meant that the thicker yarn takes up more room in a suitcase.

      Also, I think you should make the cowl that you think you’ll wear. Only you can decide that of course, but I’ve made too many projects for myself that never get used because I didn’t listen to my instincts when I was knitting it.

      • Haha, yes, it does take up more room! And I agree, I hate to “waste” yarn on things I won’t wear. That’s partly why I’ve started giving myself permission to frog FOs to rescue the yarn! I might just have to finish this cowl and see if I like the taller height. I just don’t know!

      • I have problems frogging projects part-way through sometimes. In some cases I know right away that I won’t like it (and then it’s easy to frog) but other times I have to finish the project to know whether I’ll like it the way it works up. But then again, I’m a process knitter, and so re-knitting favorite yarn is rarely something that discourages me.

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