Switching things up

Do you like rearranging your furniture? Moving things around to make a room feel fresh and different? I do, and if I can add a new piece, all the better! Over the weekend, the boy decided he wanted the desk space a 6′ folding table provides, rather than the smaller library table he’s been using. I’ve been using a folding table for the same reason, but I love the look of the oak library table. Plus, it belonged to my dad, so there’s a lot of sentimental value too. It didn’t take long to switch out the old and bring in the new.


It was really hard to take a good photo, what with all the windows behind the desk. But I think you can get the gist. I’m quite pleased with it. It’s nice and sturdy, and doesn’t wobble when I write in my journal like the old table did. And it holds everything I need! The only drawback is that I lost my yarn winding space. But heck, I can do that downstairs, or get a small folding table for the other wall…hm, I like that idea a lot!

6 thoughts on “Switching things up

  1. Lovely! I enjoy rearranging, too (especially books)! I reorganized some things involving my boy’s room just the other day (including taking the drum set upstairs) and I’m quite pleased. It remains to be seen what he will think!

  2. Looks awesome! I love rearranging furniture, too. Though lately it seems I only (but always) do it when my husband is away on business travel. It’s become a family joke. 🙂

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