Wonder Woman Dishcloth

It was the weirdest feeling: I had the time and inclination to knit, but I didn’t want to start another sock. I wasn’t in a shawl mood. I really wanted to make a hat but didn’t know who would want one, since I don’t really wear them much and the girl already has a ton. Maybe a cowl? But I already have so many. Nothing sounded good. I had all this yarn and nothing to make.

Thankfully, Ravelry came to the rescue. I browsed through my library until something jumped out at me: a Wonder Woman dishcloth! Fast, easy, and useful! And I even had red cotton in my stash already. It went so fast that I was able to get two made in one day, both out of one ball. I did modify the second one, though. It’s designed as a long rectangle, so for the second one I shaved off two stitches from either side. I like it, but I think I’d also like to try it with a couple of extra rows above and below the pattern. Still, they’re pretty wonderful!


And now today I feel like my palate has been cleansed and I can start fresh. I have the urge to cast on both a new sock and a new shawl! And maybe one more dishcloth.

6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Dishcloth

  1. I love dishcloths for that reason- a little break where you create something useful until you’re ready to start a new project:)

    • Thanks! I kind of hate to use them because they do eventually start falling apart, and throwing away my knitting is always a little sad. But better to use it than let it sit on a shelf, I guess!

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