Bye, FlexiFlips

I’m making progress on my FlexiFlip sock, but I can’t call it that anymore. I made it a little over halfway through the foot before giving up. I really wanted to make it through the whole sock, to give the needles a fair shot. They felt super awkward at first, then I kind of got used to them, then once I got past the heel and into the gusset/foot, it got awkward again. Well, more uncomfortable than awkward. Maybe I was doing something weird, but knitting with them made my hands feel tight and cramped, and it hurt to knit very long. I found that I was dreading knitting them just because of the needles, and that’s never okay. One should not dread her knitting! So the sock has been transferred to my favorite bamboo DPNs and I am much happier with it. Anyone want a set of size 1 FlexiFlips??


We had a day-trip on Monday, with about four hours in the car, and I made good progress on my Textured Pullover, even if I did get super bored of knitting it. I was smart and wove in all the other ends as I finished each section, so finishing will be quick. I did make a wee error, but I think it’ll be fine. As I read the pattern again for the second sleeve, I realized there were supposed to be decrease rounds all through the sleeve that I completely missed. So my sleeves won’t taper. Oh well. I’m totally okay with that.


Since taking this photo, I’ve made it over halfway through the second sleeve and just need to find the motivation to power through the rest. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! I just need a good movie marathon to distract me. How do you motivate yourself to finish a lingering WIP?

The best news of the week is that the girl is now all done with her auditions for college! Now we wait for two more result emails, and final talent scholarship offers (fingers crossed) and then it’ll be decision time. I think we’ll all be relieved when it’s all said and done and we can focus on moving forward.

19 thoughts on “Bye, FlexiFlips

  1. I’m not surprised, small needles with short barrels…the only way they could be worse is if they were plastic 🙂

    If I were a sock knitter, I’d definitely belong to the subset that is DPN preferred.

    Have you tried the DPN alternatives that are bent? I’m not sure what they’re called but I’m curious about them. Instead of 4 or 5 straight DPNs, you work on 3 boomerang shaped needles.

    • I haven’t tried those, but I came across some videos when I was researching these. I’m a little curious, but now I’m gun-shy about spending money on weird new needles!

      • I hear ya there. That’s part of why I’ve never tried them either. I already have needles that work…it’s not likely that I’ll try them and then decide I need to buy an entire new set of every size!!

  2. Good luck 🍀 hope your daughter gets into the schools and programs she wants to be in. This totally scares me I just realized my oldest will be in high school next year

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