More New Socks

You may remember that I am currently knitting all the socks, and I am making progress on most of them, so I thought I’d share since they’re all so fun. First up is my Madtosh Seaglass green. Love this color so much, but it’s really hard to photograph accurately. It’s even more vivid and gorgeous than these photos suggest.Ā fullsizeoutput_efbThe pattern is called Marpleridge and it’s in Kate Atherley’s Custom Socks to Fit Your Feet. I think it’s especially cool that she gives directions for making it either toe-up or cuff-down! Both the heel turn and gussets are shorter than I’m used to, so I’m eager to see how these feel when I wear them all day. My only modification was a grafted toe.

This yarn is a slightly thicker fingering, so the socks are thick and squishy and I can’t wait to wear them. Unfortunately, I haven’t even started the second sock, so it’ll be a while still.

But here’s the funnest sock ever: Wonder Woman self-striping sock!!Ā fullsizeoutput_ef7The yarn is from Artistic Yarns by Abi and I love it. Love how the stripes worked up, love the little thread of stellina, love that it’s just the tiniest bit crisp but still soft. These are more vanilla socks with a slip-stitch rib heel.

I’m already past the gusset on the second sock, so I’ll be wearing these before you know it. Maybe they’ll give me some superpowers!

12 thoughts on “More New Socks

  1. I LOVE the Wonder Woman socks! That does it — I’m buying some of Abi’s yarn for myself as a Valentine’s Day present. It’s interesting… while I love knitting patterned socks, vanilla ones are my favorites to wear. I guess I just need to knit more vanilla socks, and you’ve inspired me to get more self-striping yarn just for that purpose! šŸ™‚

    • That’s funny, I’m the opposite. I think it’s fun to wear the lace and patterned socks, but socks are usually my lunch break/car/concert knitting projects, so I prefer to knit plain ones. But I think self-striping is the perfect solution for both of us! Can’t wait to see your Ravenclaw socks. šŸ™‚

      • Socks are usually my travel knitting, too, so the patterns I do are usually relatively simple ones. (I’ve loved knitting the super-fancy ones I have done, though!) I think this is partly why the Vanilla Latte socks are such a good compromise too! Patterned, but simple enough to be nearly as easy as straight stockinette socks.

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