Another FO!

My first finished object of the new year! I’ve been knitting a LOT this weekend, alternating between two new projects and one older WIP, my Black Diamonds cowl.


I decided I was close enough to the end that I should just finish it, so I knit and knit and knit and bound off last night. It has now been washed and is currently blocked out to dry on my nifty new blocking mats.


The pattern is the Saltfleet Cowl, yarn is Anzula Cricket in charcoal. This is the cowl I made before and ran out of yarn, and another knitter sent me a bit of leftover that was supposed to be the same colorway but such a completely different color that I couldn’t handle it. So I frogged and reknit with smaller needles and still didn’t have enough yarn to complete the cowl as written. The ribbing is shorter on both ends, and I left off the last four or five rows. Maybe I should have gone down another needle size! But in any case, it’s done, and I still think it’s gorgeous, and I’ll probably wear the heck out of it.

And now that it’s done, back I go to my new projects!

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