Chemo Caps

Well, this sucks. Once again, someone I love got a crappy diagnosis. We’re doing our best to stay optimistic, and for me, dealing with something stressful involves yarn in one way or another. Not only is it stress relief, but it’s a way for me to show I care, and it can be useful in times like this: I’m making a few chemo caps. (I’ve heard bare heads can get cold!) Here’s the first one already done:


The pattern is Diamond Cap and I love it. Simple without being boring, interesting without being too flashy. I used smaller needles but think I’ll do it again using the next size down to make it even more snug. And I’ll definitely do it again, but first I want to make the Shelbi hat.

It’s my favorite pattern for chemo caps because it’s quick to make, easy enough for an advanced beginner, it fits snugly, and it’s beautiful, with a pretty almost-lace pattern that’s not too open. Here’s one I made a while back, for a friend of a friend.


It’s really well-written, and she’s got it available for five different sizes, from baby to adult. It fits well too. It’s just a great hat. It is a paid pattern, but for the quality of the writing and the number of sizes, it’s totally worth it. You can find it on The Country Willow’s website here. I used the teen/small adult size. I hope you don’t need it for chemo caps, but if you’re looking for a quick, pretty beanie, check it out!

21 thoughts on “Chemo Caps

  1. Horrible to get such news. But your chemo caps are beautiful. I had chemotherapy a couple of years ago, and once I got used to not needing shampoo for a while, I actually found myself enjoying choosing which headscarf to wear each day. I decided that despite all the nasty bits, there was still room for a bit of frivolity when it came to ‘chemo chic’.

    Sending up prayers for your loved one x

  2. Both are beautiful. A few years ago I made some and donated to a hospital I worked in. I made them for summer use, thinking that even in summer heads get cool. I used light lacy designs hoping they would not be too hot and also make them fun. The nursing unit told me they were a greyt success. I need to make some more. Thx for sharing your work.

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