When Good Hats Go Bad

I’m failing at choosing colors. If you remember, yesterday I mentioned I was doing a test knit of a hat, and I’d chosen these two colors (they’d be held together throughout).


They were farther apart in color than I thought when I ordered them, or something, because when I started knitting with them, I didn’t like it. Fortunately I also made a mistake in the pattern so I had a good reason to frog and start over. But with what? I needed two colors closer to each other so the disparity wouldn’t be so striking. Next I tried these two.


I know, I haven’t knit enough to see it well. But I’ll tell you: it’s just okay. I’m not crazy about it. It would be cute for a little girl, so I might do the child size instead of the adult size. The pattern will be fun, though, as soon as I can get the color situation straightened out!

And I have to thank all of you for the good juju yesterday: the interview went great! I’m optimistic, but trying not to get my hopes *too* high.

9 thoughts on “When Good Hats Go Bad

  1. Oh man!! I feel your pain! I hate my colour choices until the hat is about 60 % done. I still love the first colour combo you choose but, I think either will look amazing! Keep calm and knit on!!

  2. I like the first color choices too. I think the other two colors will look like the same yarn from a distance.

  3. OMG! I have two skeins of DMC natura in those colors and I felt the same way about them together when I got them home from the store. I think the store lighting wasn’t good enough for me to choose correctly. Pretty soon they’ll be celebrating their first anniversary of getting stashed.

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