Back to the Lace

Having finished the test knit project, I returned to my sister’s Marcelle Wrap. I’m near the end, at the lace section, and it’s a chart. I know many knitters love charts. I do not. Therefore, I took the time to translate the chart into written directions. Sadly, yesterday when I picked up the project, I realized I hadn’t read it all carefully and my instructions weren’t right. Close, but not quite right. So I adjusted them and forged ahead. It’s going a bit slowly, what with almost 350 stitches in each row, but it’s fun.


You can just barely see the beginning of the chevron pattern. It doesn’t help that it’s all squished together on the cord, but I can’t help that. Take my word for it, it’s going to be pretty cool. I don’t know how quickly it will get done, because the knitting is taking a backseat to the job search. It’s…an adventure. I’m learning what kinds of jobs intrigue me, and I’m learning that the online application process is lengthy and time-consuming, but I’m also learning that there are a lot of different industries and roles that need strong writing skills, and I’m confident I’ll find something that’s a good match for all involved. It is hard, though. Thankfully I have the support of a good dog, who’s by my side for almost everything, from working out…


to knitting…


Wishing you all a happy Friday and a lovely weekend!

14 thoughts on “Back to the Lace

  1. I love that pattern! It is going to be wonderful, worth the aggravation of sorting out charts. I am with you – I don’t like working solely from a chart. I like being able to glance at a chart, but when it comes to knitting a pattern, I would much rather have the instructions written out.

    Job search – sounds like you are really digging in – good for you! I wonder if there is enough work in tech editing knitting patterns that you could do that for a living? 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m trying to dig in! And aren’t you clever, to think of tech editing! I confess, it hadn’t occurred to me before. I’ll do some research! My dream job would be as a proofreader for a publisher, maybe one of craft books, so this isn’t too far off.

  2. I prefer working from written instructions too, but with a chart to refer to.

    Good luck with the job search, I hope it all goes well. I agree with Salpal – you would make a great tech editor, it would be the perfect way to combine your proofreading and knitting skills! Have a great weekend 🙂

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