Shawl Obsession

I want to knit all the shawls. I’ve never been a shawl person, and for the longest time I wasn’t a shawl-knitting person. But lately I’ve been on a kick where I appreciate the shaping and the lace details and the magic that comes when you block it. I spent about an hour in my Ravelry library last night and matched yarn and patterns for five shawls! I know they won’t all happen anytime soon; I do have two shawls and a blanket in my WIPs at the moment, after all. But once those shawls are done, I’m pretty sure another one will take it’s place pretty quickly.

Speaking of shawls, fabulous designer Corrina Ferguson (aka picnicknits on Ravelry and Instagram) is having a Summer Shawl-a-Thon and is offering 55% off some of her shawl patterns! Check out the options right here. I have two in mind: Gloxinia and Madelia. I think I’m leaning toward Madelia, if only because it’s a bit smaller and I can finish it sooner. Plus many of the shawl patterns I love are narrower ones that can be worn like a scarf too. I’ve even got yarn in mind:

IMG_6178It’s DK weight, because I can only do so much in fingering before I go completely mad.

Now, this next part is going to completely contradict what I have just written, but I’ll do it anyway. I cast on a new project last night, bringing my number of WIPs to nine. And this project was started as a direct result of shawl-fatigue. I’ve been working on my Pink Diamonds shawl and my sister’s Marcelle Wrap and the mermaid blanket and I needed something cute and fast. Plus, as of today, it has been 52 days since I finished a hat, and that’s simply not acceptable. I am a hat knitter. They are my most favorite things to make ever. Nothing to do but to pull out a skein of Malabrigo Worsted and cast on another Duality hat for myself.


But I swear, as soon as this hat is done, I’m making all the shawls!

6 thoughts on “Shawl Obsession

    • They ARE pretty…but they take FOREVER. I mean, one row of fingering weight 300 stitches and by the end I’m snoozing! At least the plain stockinette sections. I need to get to the fun bits!

  1. I love the color of that hat. Shawls are so much fun to knit. I started wearing them because it’s a way to wear something handmade.

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