One step toward the crown

The Royals won last night at their Opening Night game! Not only that, they won against the Mets, the team they beat for the World Series! Can’t beat that, right? I didn’t get to watch the game but I did make some progress on my Take the Crown cowl. IMG_5690I do love how the colors are knitting up, and I’m pleased with the pattern, except it seems smaller than the last few times I made this cowl. I know it’s worsted weight yarn, and it’s the same needles, and I didn’t make a note of casting on more than 100 with the previous projects, so I am quite befuddled. I know I can block it out a bit bigger, but I’m quite tempted to frog and start over with a few more stitches. It wouldn’t even be sad because I enjoy the yarn and the pattern so much. S0 that’s probably what I’ll do today.

Last night we got to spend some much-needed time hanging out with my siblings and all the assorted children. My youngest nephew, who’s…um…nine? months old is cute and charming…as long as mom or dad is holding him. Then he’ll smile and make faces at me and be all happy. As soon as I hold him, he wigs out. Now, in my defense, my brother insisted it was just because of time of day. Evening, bedtime, baby was tired. So I’m not taking it personally. My next youngest nephew, the one I call my baby because I got to be there when he was born, is now 3 and has embraced all the joys (haha) of toddlerhood. He still adores me, but I’m no longer allowed to play trains with him. I can sit with him so he can show me all the trains, but heaven forbid I touch them. “Aunt Bonny! Oh No! What are you DOING?” It’s okay. I know he’ll come back around. Three doesn’t last forever, thank goodness. I got a present too:IMG_5689My brother and his wife know I’m a Wonder Woman freak so I occasionally get little gifts just because they saw something and couldn’t resist. Yay! I’d seen these and had resisted so far. Now I need the 12″ one too, right?

OH OH OH! I forgot: I must brag on my talented daughter! Saturday was solo/ensemble contest for band and orchestra. All the high school musicians can bring a solo and/or ensemble to play for a judge, and they get a rating from 1-5 (1 is the best, 5 is…my instrument is broken). If they get a 1, they advance to the State contest. It’s kind of a big deal. So my girl took a solo, a flute trio, and a woodwind quartet and got 1s on all three! It’s kind of nice when all the work of lessons/driving around/practicing pays off.

I hope you all have a pleasant Monday!

5 thoughts on “One step toward the crown

  1. Congrats for your daughter! This takes a lot of effort and regular practising so she really has something to brag about – and you are allowed too 🙂
    So she isn’t the one moving to the attic, is she ^^

    I like your wool, it is so colourful. But at least on the photo it looks like the colours are eating the pattern so you could just save you the trouble and go all stockinette?

    • You know, I did consider that, just doing stockinette. But I know that blocking will open up the pattern, plus I like how the pattern could suggest the points of the crown. So I’m going to go with it and see how it ends up! 🙂

  2. I love the colors of your yarn. I’m not a baseball fan but I can appreciate baseball themed yarn. Congrats to your daughter as well. Don’t worry about your youngest nephew. He’ll get used to more family members soon. My oldest niece took a whopping two years to want to be around me. It was like a light switch.

  3. Sports are great for getting knitting done, aren’t they? We have one more basketball game to go, then I have to find a new reason. 🙂 Congrats to your daughter and all who have supported her efforts thus far – very exciting! And the little guys sound cute and very normal. Just keep admiring those trains. 🙂

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