I beat the yarn

Guess what I did yesterday?? I untangled yarn. Yes, seriously, that was the bulk of my day. That stupid mess of pink silk took me probably four hours to untangle, and I should have set it aside to do something else but I couldn’t. I’m stubborn enough that I just couldn’t stop, especially when I got close to the end. But hooray hoorah, I prevailed and now have a lovely ball of yarn ready for the right pattern. IMG_5388

I wasn’t ready to cast on with it right away, though. I’d spent too much time with it by that point. So it’s back in the stash, and instead I cast on for a new hat last night. I switched to a quick crochet pattern and it felt so good to have a hook in my hand again. I love being able to go from one to the other, and being able to incorporate both into one project like I did with this hat. IMG_5410IMG_5411These are lazy pics, sorry. The lighting inside wasn’t great and I didn’t want to go outside, but these still show the awesome pattern. This is the Spinning Summer Slouchy Beanie by Tamara Kelly, aka Moogly. It was SO fast to make! My modification was to pick up stitches for a knitted ribbed brim instead of doing a crocheted brim. I love the stretch of ribbing for a hat, and it’s super easy to do.

That’s all I have for today, folks, but I’ll have plenty more on Monday. Tomorrow is competition for National History Day for both my kiddos, so I should have plenty of knitting time while we wait around. Maybe I should cast on for that Because I Love You wrap…

8 thoughts on “I beat the yarn

  1. Love the new hat. Yes, please do cast on. I can’t wait to see yours progress. It’s next on my list. I bought the pattern this morning.

    • Okay, it’s purchased and the yarn is wound! But it says to use size 6 needles–is that normal for a shawl with fingering weight?? That seems like a big size for such thin yarn!

  2. Yay for untangling yarn! I vote in favor of casting it on. I’ve been wanting to make that shawl since it came out and would love to see how yours knits up. Especially with the colors you picked.

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