Two More Hats

Yesterday I wondered how many hats I could get done before Saturday. The answer is: At least two. Waiting room Yoda hat: IMG_5053To be fair, I only need to knit one ear and then sew the ears on, but still. Another hat added to the pile.

Flute lesson pink sparkle hat: IMG_5049I got about halfway done during lesson and finished last night during American Idol. The pompom was made and attached this morning. This one is an older child size. I kind of want one myself! The yarn is an acrylic blend, Cascade Yarns’ Cherub Aran Sparkle. It’s not fancy but it’s fun, affordable, and washable. I’ve still got some left so I’m thinking I need to do a gray newborn size beanie, simple and classic. That might be today’s project, something easy to work on since the kids have a half day today so they’ll be home early, making all the noise. For now, I’m going to take advantage of the peace and quiet to work on my manuscript a bit.

Before I go, here’s a photo of Grace, since usually Jack is the star of my photos. IMG_5041These furry blankets were Christmas gifts, and Grace is convinced they’re hers.

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