Back to the Hats

Today I am holed up in my bedroom because it’s 10 degrees outside and the heat pump in this house can’t keep up. My bedroom gets lots of lovely sunlight and somehow is the warmest room in the house, so here is where I will be until the temperature in my living room rises above 60.

After spending most of last week working on my book, I spent Saturday on the hard part: the query letter! Ugh. It’s so hard to condense it down to a really intriguing summary. I also worked on Twitter pitches, since I see lots of contests there, and that’s even harder! Once I had a good start on those, I decided to take a break and spend the rest of the weekend with yarn. I have already finished 11 projects this year, and all of it them have been from stash yarn! That’s a good start, I think, and it’s already been 18 days. Whew! Wonder how long I’ll make it before I weaken and buy yarn again.

Anyway, new hats! First one is a newsboy cap in gray acrylic. I ran out of yarn during the making of the brim but thankfully I had a tiny ball of the same yarn in my leftover bin. And that, my friends, is why I keep all the yarn leftover from a project. You just never know when it will save a project!  IMG_4829IMG_4827IMG_4828It was nice to switch to crochet, especially bulky yarn with a big hook. This hat worked up so quickly!

Second hat was another slouchy broken rib beanie with the rest of the denim blue KnitPicks Brava bulky. It took me exactly as long as Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire. IMG_4852After that, I wanted to use up the last of the pink Brava. I started a hat, got most of the way through, and realized I didn’t have enough yarn. I frogged and started over with a smaller size, and then Jack said I needed to cuddle with him instead of knit.IMG_4854Once he’d had enough, I finished, and had an adorable baby-size slouch hat!IMG_4856I wish I had a baby girl in my family to model it! Instead, it’ll go in my Etsy/craft show inventory.

Until tomorrow, friends! Wishing you all a peaceful Monday!

5 thoughts on “Back to the Hats

  1. That’s still a good record, an average of better than 4/week!…Until I read this I thought I was doing good with two hats and two cowls 🙂 But really I’m happy for your production and I’ve exceeded my knitting goal for the month, now I can play catch-up on some of the other things on my list (while I really want to cast on another project to use more of my stashed yarn)

    • Thanks! I went back and counted again because it does seem high but yes, that’s what I’ve done. Just keep in mine, I’m a SAHM who clearly was neglecting all other obligations so far this year! Production will slow down, I’m sure. It’s kind of fun to knit from stash, isn’t it? Satisfying, like you get to feel really good about yourself!

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