Ouch. And also, Happy I Love Yarn Day!

I did a LOT of knitting yesterday. I finished the Where’s Waldo hat…

 wove in tails on a cute kid’s hat…

 Started a new slouch hat during the Royals-Blue Jays pregame show…

 And finished it by the end of the sixth inning. I’m thinking red buttons, what about you?

 Then I cast on for another hat with the Borealis…

 and things were going smoothly until I realized my elbow felt a little tight. I straightened it and yep, there was the tendinitis twinge. Oops. So I put the knitting down, and today I’ll take a break from knitting and instead go to Joann to stock up on some buttons. And since it’s also I Love Yarn Day, I might go to the yarn store. Maybe. Just maybe. What’s on your agenda this fine fall weekend?

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