An Epiphany and Finished Project Friday

Earlier this week, I had a minor epiphany. I read a quote about writers, and how if they hope to succeed at writing, they need to treat it like a job. I’ve read it before but this time it really hit me, and I realized I haven’t been doing that, either with my crafting or my writing. How can I get frustrated if I don’t put forth as much effort as I can? I’ve been treating these as hobbies, which is how they began. I’ve been treating them as fun ways to spend my days, which they still are. But if I truly want to make some sort of business out of it, I have to treat it like a business, which means committing a good chunk of my day to it.

My first order of business was updating my Etsy shop. It’s been open for a while but got pushed to the back burner for a long time. But it’s the face of my business that most of the world sees, so I wanted to present the best face possible. I pulled out all my current inventory, took new photos, reassessed prices, and updated listings. I went from around 30 listings to the current, final total of 55. These are my best pieces, the ones that will travel with me to the big craft shows I’m doing this fall and winter. My photos may not be professional quality, but they’re lot better than they were when I began, and I think it’s a step in the right direction. This is my favorite photo, even though it’s not the best one to show off the details of the bag.IMG_4638 I do still hope to do more photo shoots with my daughter modeling my pieces, but there are two problems with it. 1, she’s so busy right now that I hate to take up her time, and 2, she’s got a rather large head so I hesitate to have her model some of the size small/medium hats. But she’s great with everything else!

So I don’t have a finished yarn project, but I finished my Etsy project, and I’m pleased with it. I don’t expect big immediate results; it may never be a strong source of income for me, and that’s ok. But it’s a place to showcase my things, a place to point potential customers as well as judges for juried craft shows. My ongoing goal is to list new pieces more often, take new photos when I can, and keep up with revising/renewing old listings.

On a similar vein, I’m going to devote a little more time to my bonny knits Facebook page. Sure, I always post a link to my blog, but I need more. I need to post pictures and updates and personal thoughts more often. I’d love to drive more traffic to that page, but I can’t do that without giving people something good to look at.

And then, after I’ve done my social media “work” for the day, then and only then will I allow myself time to sit on the couch with my yarn and my Gilmore Girls. Obviously that’s important work too! Last night I started my Arizona Sunset cowl, and I already love it. IMG_3225Anybody else have good tips for using social media to support your business? What are your favorite sites and how do you use them?

6 thoughts on “An Epiphany and Finished Project Friday

  1. I click hash tags all the time too! The obvious ones are #knittersofinstagram and #knitstagram but I like weird tags too. Even if it’s just to click and see who else has used such a tag 🙂 I’ve heard (but do not use) that Twitter is also great. Doesn’t really take more than a link and some tags.

    One of my friends told me recently she’s got something like 9K twitter followers, and she usually just tweets her (food) blog link and a few tags. I was surprised because she’s not even that active.

    Think about tags like #buylocal, #buyhandmade, maybe something specific to your area #buylocalMO or whatever…

    • Thanks! I’ve started a list of good hashtags and I love your suggestions. I do use Twitter, mostly my Instagrams, blog links & new Etsy posts. Guess I better up my tagging game!

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