What to do on a quiet Monday?

Monday again. Oh Monday, how I love you. Strange, I know. I do enjoy my weekends with my family, but after two days of chores and noise and people, the silence of Monday morning is bliss. And even though I have to go buy all the groceries tomorrow, today I have nothing on the agenda. So much time in front of me; whatever will I do?

Maybe I will knit! I have some new yarn to play with. I took the mother out for a birthday lunch last week, and she lives very close to a LYS. Of course I HAD to go! And they’d just marked down all the Mochi yarn to make room for new Malabrigo. It was all half off! I love this yarn, love the colors.IMG_3198Nope, I don’t really have a plan for it all, except that red/orange/blue yarn in the middle. It looks like a sunset to me and I want it to be a cowl named Arizona Sunset. I just haven’t found the right pattern. I’m leaning toward another River Deep, Mountain High cowl, since there are some beautiful mountains out there.

But I’m trying hard to resist casting on another project. I have four WIPs already plus I need to make another school-color hat. Oh, and guess what I did? Anticipating continued demand for those hats, I bought two skeins of Caron One Pound yarn, thinking they’d make lots and lots of hats. And I made one. It was thicker yarn than I’d been using, and it came out enormous. So I’d need to start with fewer stitches. But it also came out all stiff. The skein itself didn’t feel that rough or itchy, but somehow when it was all knitted up, I just didn’t like it. It wasn’t soft at all. Yes, of course I prefer natural fibers, but for this kind of project I need the affordability of acrylic. So. Back to Michael’s I go today, in hopes of finding a better acrylic. Note to self: don’t settle for the cheapest yarn if it’s at all possible.

Maybe I’ll fit some writing in my day too. I’ve been feeling the urge lately, and I decided to pull out a manuscript from several years ago. It was actually the first one I wrote, and the one that’s the most personal, and I want to see if it’s something worth revising and polishing. I wrote it on a very old computer, so right now I’m re-typing it from a print-out, revising as I go. It definitely needs work, but I think I still like it.

Oh! Guess what else?? Grace hasn’t been waking me up! The girl really wanted Grace to sleep in her room, so we tried it and it seems to be working. She still wakes up early-ish, like 5 or 6, but that’s doable. Clearly she was just lonely and wanted to be with people. And since the girl says I don’t post enough photos of Grace, I’ll close with this one. She’s a wonderful napper during the day. IMG_3196

4 thoughts on “What to do on a quiet Monday?

  1. The Caron One-Pounders need to be washed to soften up. I’m using the Deep Violet on the blanket I am currently knitting, and it feels okay, but not quite soft enough, right? Washing should take care of that iffy feeling.

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