The Hitchhiker is DONE!

IMG_2382_2Now I know why everybody has made one: it’s FABULOUS. The pattern is so simple, but the end result is just stunning. It’s absolutely perfect for variegated yarns, but it would look equally gorgeous in a solid too. I loved knitting this, didn’t get bored or tired of the endless garter stitch. It was perfect TV knitting, and even though Rafa lost (so sad!) I was happy because I finished this!IMG_2380_2 IMG_2381The photos aren’t great, sorry. It’s raining and very wet outside, but someday I’ll get better pictures. I guess I need to paint my craft room so the walls are a better backdrop color. I wanted purple, but maybe I should consider white. Or maybe a very pale gray? That could be cool. Anyway. Love my Hitchhiker. Already perusing my stash to figure out which yarn to use for my next one.

Last night I decided I needed a super-fast instant gratification project, and I wanted to use my new Marblez straight needles. I chose this Leafy Washcloth pattern and it was done within an hour. I wasn’t crazy about it at first. IMG_2383But then I got it wet and stretched and tugged and flattened, and voila, it became a leaf!IMG_2384Mine’s not as dense as the photo, so I think I’ll use smaller needles for the next one. And as much as I love knitted washcloths and dishcloths, there will definitely be a next one. This is a fun, unusual pattern.

Our new sod is enjoying the rain, I think, but the puppies are not. They did get a walk yesterday but Grace still woke up with plenty of energy for mischief. IMG_2376_2
I’ll be going out today to buy a cheap rug for her, and she will be sad because she’s a spoiled little princess who thinks she needs a cushion to sleep on. Well, too bad for her! I’m not giving her anything else that can be torn open and have its innards removed.

Today is the women’s semifinals of the French Open and I think I will work on my black and white chevron scarf. It’s becoming the neverending project! How do the rest of you find the motivation to work on those projects that seem to take forever?

8 thoughts on “The Hitchhiker is DONE!

  1. Scar is gorgeous. Love the yarn. My boy didn’t have a bed – just blankets – for about three years because he always trashed it the minute I bought a new one. He’s better now but at 11 still chews and de-stuffs. There’s a constant trail of sponge innards around my house.

      • At less than two she still has time to grow out of it – fingers crossed. Hicks really likes chewing and I buy him big hide chews – 9/10 inches long – he loves them and they stop him trashing so much of his stuff. (He’s never ever touches ours) When he was younger he used to trash the whole bed if he was sulking, but these days it’s more a sneaky part-trash.

  2. That’s what I’m hoping, though I don’t expect to ever go away completely. I’ve had a hard time finding anything toy/chew-related that they don’t destroy completely quickly. Kong-type toys last long but they have to have a noise or some give to them to make them interesting. I might try the big rawhides next, but I’m not supposed to give them those unsupervised, and that’s when she’s the most destructive! Sigh. Thanks for the commiseration & advice, I appreciate it!

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