Making Stuff. Also, being smarter than the puppies.

Guys, the bag I’m making for my sister is SO cool. I’m loving it and am totally going to make one for myself too. BUT. I still can’t show you, I’m so sorry. I’m about halfway through the knitting portion, then I have to find fabric and line it, then attach the handles. So it might be a little while still. In the meantime, the cotton/linen Juniper Farms Zooey yarn I ordered arrived yesterday and I’ve already cast on. This is a custom order from Etsy so I want to get it done promptly. I’m making the hat on the cover here.IMG_2197The pattern says to start with a cable cast on. I tried it. Didn’t like it. So I said the heck with it and went back to the long-tail cast on. It’s fine for hats, never had a problem with it. Stay tuned, this should be done in a couple of days.

Oh, and hey, here’s the scarf I finished a few days ago. I finally managed to snap a couple of photos yesterday.IMG_2194 IMG_2195This is Oh, Helen! and I LOVE it! It’s as simple as can be. The slanted edge happens naturally with the pattern and it’s just so lightweight and airy. This is with pima cotton so it’s nice and soft too. I’m already in the process of making a light gray one too.

Besides knitting, I did a bit of rearranging yesterday. The puppies are kind of destroying the couch that sits in front of the big window. They love to lay on top and growl at the dogs and squirrels and people and cats and leaves. They love to bound through the house and LEAP onto the couch. So yeah, this couch has seen better days. But I’d like it to last another couple of years, so the girl and I moved things around. IMG_2193
It looks weird to me, and the couch is blocking the fireplace now, but we never use the fireplace and even if we did, it’s too warm now. The important thing is that the puppies are not abusing the couch now. Oh, they still jump on it and lay on top, but it’s a much lower level of activity. They’re not thrilled with the change.IMG_2196Their view is impaired now. They can’t see as well over the stone wall of the porch so it’s more difficult to maintain their guard dog duties. Ah well, we all have a cross to bear, right?

4 thoughts on “Making Stuff. Also, being smarter than the puppies.

  1. I don’t understand why the cable cast on would be better for hats when the long-tail is so much stretchier, but then I use the long-tail for everything!

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