So Close to Two Finished Objects

I *almost* had two things to show off today! I missed it by about three inches. First I’ll show you the hat I did manage to finish. IMG_1905_2 IMG_1906You can’t really see the cool zigzag pattern very well, but it’s there and it’s neat. And it was really simple too, which is definitely how I like my hats! It’s Ravelled here if you want more details. I worked on this one outside part of the day, sitting on my patio in the sunshine. The puppies are loving spring too, if for no other reason than they enjoy my company in the backyard.IMG_1891I mentioned yesterday that this is a busy week; the girl has a lot of activities. Last night, we had a choir concert. She’s not even IN the choir yet and she wants to go, to “support the choir”, she says. Well, it’s a good sentiment, and I love music, so we went. It’s strange to be in my old high school, watching the choir that I used to be part of. Very nostalgic. I feel really young and really old at the same time. I can still remember so much of high school vividly, those strong emotions and complicated relationships and friendships I didn’t truly appreciate until years later. But then I watch my daughter and her friends and they seem so much younger than I am, and I realize that yes, I really am 20 years removed from that world. I also realize that it’s a lot of fun to be part of it from this side. So I’ll keep going to the choir concerts, and the band concerts, and the plays, and the football games, and enjoy it all over again.

Anyway! Sorry, got distracted, didn’t I? My hat was done and I needed an easy project for during the concert, so my honey cowl went along. The linen stitch is so simple, it was a breeze to work on even in the dim lighting. I really thought I’d gotten it done, but then I came home and measured. It still needs three more inches. Sighhhh. And there I was, thinking I’d get to cross off two WIPs in one day. Well, one is good, and there’s a good chance I can finish the cowl today. We have flute lesson (45 minutes of knitting) plus a band concert (60 minutes of knitting). No patio knitting today, though; it’s gray and rainy with threats of severe thunderstorms. So I’ll leave you with a pretty reminder of the *good* thing about spring!IMG_1890_2

2 thoughts on “So Close to Two Finished Objects

  1. Cute hat. We have a loaded week as well. Two parent teacher meetings at the school and a choir concert. Eeek… i have to be sociable 3 days in a row. I wish i could take my knitting.

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