Two Finished Bags

My felted bag kept talking to me, even after I said it was done. “I’m plain,” it whined. “I’m missing something!” It finally occurred to me this morning what it was missing: a flower! Especially after the silk lost so much sheen and color, the bag needed something fun to make it pop. So this morning, I made it a flower with a button center and now my bag is satisfied. “I’m lovely now,” it purred happily.IMG_1876I finished another bag this weekend and it’s really, truly done. It’s a cotton/linen market bag and I’m quite pleased with the springiness of the yarn. It should work out perfectly for its purpose.IMG_1877I’ve got another bag starting in my mind now: a hot pink cotton fat-bottom bag with a dark denim lining and clear plastic handles. Won’t that be fun? Before I start it, though, I want to get a few more hats done before my next craft show on Saturday. And I might have good knitting time today. The kids have eaten enough candy that they seem to have fallen into a sugar coma and are nice and quiet. Better get busy while I can!

2 thoughts on “Two Finished Bags

  1. I love the added touch of the flower and your market bag is awesome. I love those things. I should make another. 🙂 Happy Easter.

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