“Now What?” Update: Old Favorite WIP

Remember that pink and gray Hogan Infinity scarf I was struggling with? I started it a couple of days ago, didn’t have enough pink, and frogged it. This morning I blogged about *why* I was running out of yarn, and a couple of comments supported my instinct to reknit it with a smaller needle.

So I cast on this morning with size 9s (instead of size 10) and made it through 8 of the first 11 rows before weighing my yarn. I’ve used exactly half of the pink yarn. Yep. That means I don’t have enough for the last three rows of the pink section, not if I want to repeat it on the other side. Sighhhh. So now what?

I have a few options: 1) knit it as a single loop cowl. 2) Eliminate two or three rows in the pink section. Not crazy about this, because I love the full pop of pink. 3) Add a third color. I do have another ball of the yarn in a winter white named Snow, so I could do the outermost 5-row edge in Snow, then the Fuchsia, then the Shale. When I bought them, I envisioned using them together. So why am I resisting? I just love the look of the original so much that I’m afraid the white tone will change it too much. What would you do?

7 thoughts on ““Now What?” Update: Old Favorite WIP

  1. Oh No! Sorry to hear that. How disappointing. Will keep thinking about it. Option three sounds most interesting. Will be more personal then.

  2. I’m not a knitter so my suggestion may seem wrong, but can you get more pink? And if you don’t use that much of the new, you’ll have plenty left for another future project? Go with your gut. If you picture it a certain way, it seems like that’s the way it should be. You have a great eye. 🙂

    • Oh no, that would definitely be the easy solution. But it retails for around $9/ball, and I bought these three for $2/ball when a yarn store was closing, and I’m just cheap enough to want to make it work with what I have in my stash!

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