Thank you, Jeny: Knitted Boot Cuffs Part III

You guys!! I have done the most amazing thing this morning!! I learned Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretch Bind Off and it is the coolest thing I have learned so far, I think. I’ve been making boot cuffs, right? And the bind off has a bit of give but only so far, and I just wasn’t happy about it. My knitting SIL told me she’d been using Jeny’s and that it worked really well, so I bit the bullet and decided to give it a whirl. And I’m so glad I did!! (I’m really excited, can you tell??)IMG_1160I used my handy Cast On, Bind Off book to get started. (This book is so useful, truly. You get so many options depending on what you need, and it has great color photos.) I got around five stitches done and I wasn’t sure it looked right, so I turned to You Tube. The video I watched wasn’t great so I won’t recommend that one, but it was good enough to show me that I was doing it right. But if you want to watch a video, watch this one. It’s much better. Seriously, if you haven’t learned this bind off yet, you need to. I’m not an adventurous knitter but I figured it out pretty quickly, so you can too. I wish I’d learned it ages ago because it’s going to vastly improve my boot cuffs and fingerless gloves. Can’t wait to make more!

And I have to call out that same knitting SIL because she saved me with the teal boot cuff. Remember, I ran out of yarn with an inch of ribbing left to knit, so I was going to have to buy a whole ‘nother skein just for that. Instead, she let me use a bit of the skein she had in her stash! (Actually, it was in her daughter’s stash so I’m grateful for her too.) I had the boot cuff done in a flash and they’re ready to be washed. Yay for generous knitters!

Ok, that’s all, folks. My empty day yesterday? The one that was supposed to be full of knitting? Yeah, that didn’t happen. My daughter went to a new friend’s house so I had to get cleaned up to make a good impression on the mom. Then I got a text from my sister asking if I was interested in selling her my Wii, since we’d been thinking of upgrading to the Wii U. Well, yes, of course we were. So we had to clean out the Wii cabinet and pack up the old Wii, dust all the things, and throw away dead batteries and useless accessories. Then of course my son needed his new Wii NOW so off to Target we went. It had to be set up immediately, and by then it was time for the sister & her kids to come over to pick up their “new” Wii. We had a lovely visit and my nephew was wearing his Yoda hat. He kept stroking it and saying “Hat” lovingly. (Maybe I’m exaggerating that last part, but maybe not.) Then they went home and finally, finally, I got to sit down with my yarn. I got maybe an hour and a half in before it was time for dinner. We went out for Mexican with my MIL and it was delicious and we had a lovely visit. And I had a lovely jumbo margarita and by the time I got home I was too sleepy to knit. SO. Today I am knitting!

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