I’m not a fan of frogs

Oh sure, the animals are okay. Noisy at times and kind of moist, right, but they’re fine. No, my problem is when frogs are a part of my knitting. Several months ago, I got a request for a lovely spring infinity scarf. It’s lightweight and lacy, and I found the perfect yarn for it, and cast on. But since it’s a lace pattern (a bit complicated) with fingering weight yarn (that’s really thin for you non-knitters) on tiny needles (size 4. That’s small for me.) it was a slow start. I thought I got around 5 rows done before I had to set it aside to focus on Christmas knitting. My friend was fine waiting, so it hibernated for over four months. Yesterday I pulled it out, got comfy on the couch, and starting knitting at row six.IMG_1135Two rows later, I had a problem: an extra stitch. Eh, okay. I knit two together and moved on. By the end of the next row, my pattern was way off. I counted and somehow had lost SEVEN stitches. SEVEN. What the actual heck. I looked back at all the teeny tiny stitches and counted my rows and realized I hadn’t stopped at row five, like I’d thought. I might have been at seven, maybe eight. This project was not off to a good start, so I decided I’d do well to learn from my mistakes and start over.

This morning I frogged it all. Then I printed out the pattern so I could actually keep track of where I am. I’m more experienced with lace now, so I think it’ll go a little faster this time around. Not crazy fast, because it’s still lace with itty bitty yarn, but a little faster. Or at least smoother, and I’m okay with that. I might even look into that whole lifeline thing. Plus I’m going to knit with the pretty new needles I got at a late Christmas exchange yesterday!IMG_1146I love them. I also love the handmade buttons I got. They’re made from walnuts. Cool, huh? I think they’re going to look awesome on some hats…which I can make with my pretty new needles too!IMG_1147I got to give some gifts yesterday too, which was fun. My niece got a crochet Hello Kitty hat, which would have been a big hit…if she weren’t currently obsessed with all things Elsa. But I’m content knowing that it’ll fit her for a while and a time will come when she will wear it with pleasure. And my nephew got a Yoda hat, and it actually fit and it looked adorable on him. So I’m calling that a win.IMG_4778And last night I got to go on an actual date with my husband where we ate a meal neither of us had to cook and talked to each other, and then we went to a bookstore (or two) and ended up at Starbucks drinking hot drinks and talking some more. It was delightful. I think I’d like to do it again sometime. But for now I have an empty day ahead of me and yarn calling my name.

4 thoughts on “I’m not a fan of frogs

    • Haha! They do look like brains, now that you mention it! Maybe one of them needs to go on one of those funny pink brain hats I’ve seen around. I haven’t restarted the lace yet. Maybe today I’ll feel brave enough. 🙂

  1. Undoing hard work is always hard but it sounds like it was absolutely the right thing to do in this case! Those needles look very cool–I don’t knit but I do love the tools of any trade!

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