Oh Happy Day: my yarn arrived!

Knit Picks had a great sale last week, as I’m sure most of you yarn-people know. I made the mistake of browsing, you know, just for fun. I did *a lot* of browsing. So much that this box arrived on my porch yesterday.IMG_0156I tried to open it slowly, to make the anticipation last, but the puppy was urging me on and telling me to speed it up.IMG_0157I pulled out the lovely yarns one skein at a time, the better to admire them, until they covered most of my dining room table.IMG_0159That’s A LOT of yarn! It’s still there too, because it pleases me to look at it as I walk by throughout the day. I chose my yarns carefully based on what I want to do with my yarn business next year. With a bigger commitment to craft fairs, I want to build my inventory of popular items. So I’ve got perfect yarns for hats, headbands and bootcuffs in a wide variety of colors. And it’s all worsted or bulky, which are my favorite weights. I also bought some wool for felting some cute little bags which can be decorated with flowers or buttons. (Here’s hoping it felts better than the Cascade I used for that silly red tote.) And there on the lower right edge is some furry mohair Reverie in a lovely dark red. It’s going to be a fuzzy Christmas-time cowl for yours truly…unless I get it done and decide I don’t need it!

Today I’ve plucked out a skein of black Brava worsted and have begun a slouchy beanie for the boy for Christmas. I think I can get it done in one day!

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