Selfish Knitting at Christmastime

I’m sorry, I don’t have much to show off, which is sad since it’s been a few days since I posted. Or at least it feels like it. But you know, I *do* have to do other stuff sometimes. Sighhh.

Yesterday I went to my new LYS, Angelika’s Yarn Store, to get some Cascade 220. You know that really pretty fuchsia and blue silk yarn I bought in Weston? I found a cool felted Bucket Bag pattern and decided to actually use the recommended yarn. Crazy, huh? I was hoping for a matching fuchsia but struck out, so I found a good blue instead. I think it’ll look really nifty. I’ve got the bottom knit and the stitches picked up for the body of the bag, so now it’s just a bunch of knitting in the round until it’s tall enough. This is my current waiting-room knitting project.IMG_0155And I loved the Purl Soho Super Soft Merino Hat so much that I needed to make another one, for myself this time! I found two skeins of the Mirasol Tuho in hot pink and cast on last night. Can I say again how much I love this yarn? So soft and squishy and warm. Mmmmmm….IMG_0154And that’s all, folks. I still have one fingerless glove and a little less than half a blanket to knit (it’s boring. Hard to make myself work on it.). I guess it needs to get a little closer to Christmas for the panic to set in enough to get me to abandon the fun knitting. So today, it’s cold and I’m grumpy, so I’m going to take my tea to the couch and knit for a while on my hat.

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