Where’d my mojo go?

I seem to have lost some of my knitting motivation. I’ve been so caught up in training the new dog that my focus has shifted. Maybe the fact that I can’t leave current projects out where I can see them prevents them from staying on my mind. Or maybe it’s the fact that I have two bigger projects going, and I really like immediate gratification. The only project I’ve finished recently is this scarf:


I have several single skeins of mercerized cotton in my stash and couldn’t figure out what to do with them. But with warmer weather supposedly coming, I’ve been wanting to make all kinds of lighter knitwear, and a Spring scarf seemed perfect for this color. It’s a bit shorter than I anticipated but I love the openness of the pattern.


I have re-started the shawl that Max ate, and it’s almost back where it was before. I did switch to the bigger needles and like it a lot better. So I guess he kind of did me a favor. Except that he killed my momentum and now I’m slower to get back into it.



The other project on my needles is a cardigan, my first knitted garment. I chose the Lilas Cardigan on Ravelry partly because it looked simple enough for a newbie and partly because I love the big, floppy collar. I’ve had six skeins of Cotton Supreme Splash in my stash for ages, waiting for the right pattern, and I think this is it. I’ve already used up one skein just making the collar.


But here’s the problem: this is boring. It’s a LOT of stockinette. I make it through one row and reward myself with an email or Twitter check. I know I’ll love it when it’s done, I just have to get there. And I think if I can push through to the point where it actually starts looking like a cardigan, I’ll get excited enough to finish.

So today, I have some knitting time. Hmm, what to work on? I think I’ll make another one of those lacy scarves in this CEY Imagine yarn…


3 thoughts on “Where’d my mojo go?

  1. Your cardigan is going to look really cute!

    I know what you mean about losing your mojo. I have a running journal in Notes on my iPad where I psych myself up when I’ve lost my mojo. I titled it “Get Some Gumption,” after a chapter in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” where the author gives a long monologue on things that affect his motivation. It helps me track what my influences are, good and bad, and helps me get back on track.

    • Yeah, it would probably help if I went back to journaling regularly. As it is, I’m hoping that recognizing the influences will help, as will time–once Max settles into routines, I won’t micromanage him so much! 🙂

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