What’s at the end of this rainbow?

My very first post on this blog was about some rainbow yarn that inspired me. It was beautiful Mochi Mini from Crystal Palace Yarns, and I bought it even though it was fingering weight and I don’t do fingering weight. I bought it and the toothpick-sized DPNs I needed to make some fingerless gloves with it.

I cast on that afternoon, and it took some getting used to the miniature needles and the thin yarn. Mostly, it took some time to get used to how long it took to make any kind of progress.


This was a few hours’ work. It was simple knitting, and I felt like I was doing something so delicate and delicious that I didn’t mind the time spent. I also loved seeing the colors emerge as I knit, and how they flowed smoothly from one to the next. I did run into two knots in beginning of the skein, but I didn’t mind that. I knit my thumb gusset, and managed to slide those stitches onto some waste yarn that was probably too fat but all I had.



On and on I knit, blissfully and mindlessly, just watching my rainbow come full circle. I realized as I neared the top ribbing that when I picked up for the thumb, it would be a completely different color. I pondered that, considering starting the other mitt until I came to the matching color for the thumb. Then I realized I didn’t want them to match perfectly. So after I cast off the top, I happily picked up the blue yarn through the orange thumb stitches. I had some problems with it: I went the wrong way or something, so my purls were facing out and I had that line of color. Oops. I pulled out most of them and started again, but there are still the little lines at the five stitches I picked up. Just don’t look too closely at the thumb, okay? Mostly I was happy that I didn’t have a gaping hole at the thumb. This was only the third thumb I’ve picked up, so I think I did pretty well. I put it on and it fit! Yay!


Then I realized I had to make another one. One that would match it exactly. Well, I’d already had the fun of knitting a glove with this yarn, so the novelty had worn off a bit. So it took me another week or so to pick it up again and cast on for the second mitt. This one went faster, and I knew what I was doing with the thumb stitches this time so it’s even better (close to perfect, if I do say so myself). And even though it started at a different color, the body is still mostly the same as the first glove. I put it on, and it fit! Yay!


Now, do you notice what I noticed? Yep, this one is smaller. This might be the time to confess that I’m not the best row-counter…but I tried with these! I really tried! And yet they still came out different sizes. Sighhh. At first I was disappointed and thoroughly disgusted with myself. But they’re for me, they both fit, and I love how they look. I discovered I enjoy knitting with fingering weight yarn, and I practiced making thumbs. And I might have enough rainbow yarn left over to squeeze out another pair…if I can manage to make them both the smaller size!


2 thoughts on “What’s at the end of this rainbow?

    • Thanks! I have no patience for all the tails from using different color yarns, so I love using multicolored & variegated yarn. Lazy knitter’s color work!

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