Chasing Rainbows

I’m Bonny, and I knit. I crochet too, but mostly knit, and besides, most people look at crochet and say “Ooh, what are you knitting?” So, I knit. I’m also a stay-at-home mom of two kids who are active and smart and delightful and also kids so they’re challenging. So, I knit. It makes me happy. A few days ago, I fell in love. Hard. So hard I saw rainbows. No, not with my husband–that happened many moons ago. This was yarn. I was out with my sister-in-law and my daughter at a local yarn store (LYS) and this little ball caught my eye. It wasn’t just any yarn, but rainbow yarn. (I feel like it deserves a special name, something more poetic than just “yarn”.) 



See all the lovely colors, and how they just flow together? I gazed at this special yarn and imagined all the things it could grow up to be. Did it want to be a cowl? A scarf? I touched it, and it was soft. I picked it up, squeezed it, rolled a strand between my fingers and realized it was fingering weight. Uh oh. Trouble in paradise? I’m a bulky gal–I usually work at least in worsted weight if not thicker. I don’t have the patience for these thin yarns and the teeny needles they require. But this yarn was speaking to me: it said it needed to be beautiful fingerless gloves. For me! Well, in that case, I had to take it home.

After The Studio, we went to Knitcraft in Independence, MO. I found the same brand, the same colorway…in BULKY! Well, my heart just lifted and I sang “Hallelujah!”, only silently. I snatched up two balls that said they wanted to be a matching hat for my gloves. The next day, that’s what happened.



I love how it turned out, especially the way the colors striped so smoothly. As I updated the project in Ravelry (you can find me here: I realized I had two more balls of this bulky yarn in a different colorway. This time I used a slightly different pattern, which made a nifty square design on the top.


This is why I knit. I can find gorgeous raw material that speaks to me, and I can do something that relaxes me and feels good in my hands to create something equally beautiful–something that’s functional, something I can wear often to bring a smile to my face, and maybe even to yours. And if that happens, well, color me happy.

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