Help Me Help You

The universe was working against me yesterday. I was supposed to have a crafternoon playdate with my SIL yesterday, and creating this blog kind of took up my morning. So I had lunch and then went to pack up my knitting bag. Remember that magic yarn from yesterday, the wondrous rainbow fingering? That’s what I wanted to start! I tossed it in my bag, found the pattern I wanted to use, and discovered I did not have the proper needles. Or anything even close. I play with thick yarn, so I don’t own any of those teeny-tiny needles.

Okay, fine. I had a pattern for a summer scarf I want to make out of some white Sprout, a fun chunky yarn that’s all nubby & full of texture. I found my size 15s, tossed them in the bag…but where was the yarn? I dug through the two yarn baskets in my living room, I dug through two of my yarn tubs in my craft room, and no Sprout. I was bewildered and befuddled. It was getting late, my knitting time was ticking away, and I had no project to take with me!

Desperate, I snatched up two different skeins of Malabrigo and tossed them in, along with two empty toilet paper rolls. I figured I could wind them while I was there. I stuffed in my pack of interchangeable circs too, in case I actually had time to cast on for something. It was a ridiculous bag, screaming of poor planning.

While I drove, I realized SIL lives two minutes away from a Joann store. And I really really wanted to cast on that rainbow yarn. Spring is coming–Spring is here, actually–and I wanted to be able to wear them before it got too cold. I’m sure you can guess what we did. We drove to Joann, I bought the size 1 DPNs I needed, and I ignored everything else in that stupid bag.

Here’s what I learned from this: my urge to finish one project before starting another actually works against me. It’s OKAY to have multiple projects. A big, complex project does me no good when I need a small, simple travel project. They serve different needs, and I have a lot of different needs. I need to help my knitting help me.

Oh, and my Sprout? I found it when I got home. I remembered I had tucked it into a cute little jar so it would be ready to use.


3 thoughts on “Help Me Help You

    • Thanks! Saw idea for a sugar container on Pinterest & while wandering through an antique mall I found these babies. The bigger round one is actually a plant frog!

  1. I can feel the stress in this post. I have done very similar things as I rush out the door and panic that I won’t have just the right project to work on while out. 🙂

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