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Knitting for the Holidays

This year, my holiday knitting is pretty much non-existent. I’ve made gifts the last two years, and I just decided not to take on that anxiety this year. It requires a lot more advance planning than I managed. Now, with that said, there might be one or two gifts coming off my needles this year, but that’s about all. I’m partly relieved and partly sad, which tells me this hiatus probably won’t be a long one. So, family, if you’re reading this, put your requests in early next year!

So what am I doing if I’m not making gifts for people? For quite a while, I was busy making stuff for my two craft shows. My second show was last week. It was a one-day, 4-hour fair, and it was a bust. I had two sales that *almost* covered the table fee, and then I bought a super-cute necklace from my booth neighbor. It’s my sneaking suspicion that the clientele there were the type of people who think that handmade gifts aren’t as good. I had a few compliments, but most were just quick glances. I even had two people ask me, “Are all of these handmade?” before walking away empty-handed.

Don’t worry, I didn’t take the lack of sales personally. Disappointing, sure, but I know the problem was market, not product. The silver lining is that the fair was to support the First Hand Foundation, a charity run by Cerner, so my table fee went to a good cause. But still, it wasn’t really worth the work, given that my Knitting SIL had to find a babysitter so she could haul all my stuff, and I had to move around on Helga, my knee scooter.

With shows done for now, my focus is back on my Etsy shop. I’ve been working on adding pieces, and today I finished! It’s completely up to date with all my current inventory, and you can check it out here. As a holiday special I’m offering free first class shipping with the code SHIPMYHATS. My sales are slowly increasing, and I’m getting a few custom orders from it too. Of course, most of them are Yoda hats! IMG_4270And I managed to finish the mermaid blanket, FINALLY. IMG_4247I completely forgot to take a photo of the finished piece, darn it all. It turned out pretty good, but I don’t know that I ever want to make another one. If I do, I know that I’ll charge a higher price next time!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to turn up the new Adele album and go back to knitting Yoda hats.

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Yodas

Oh my people, I have been gone for days and I have missed you! I had some crazy busy days that sadly could not involve much knitting, let alone writing about knitting. See, here’s the thing: the girl turned 15 yesterday! Yikes! Big, wonderful day. For her birthday present, she wants to redecorate her room, so last week we did some shopping for bedding. Then of course I had to do some solo shopping because she *had* to have some presents to open on her birthday (EOS lip balms, chocolate, bobby pins, headbands, just little things).

I also took Puppy 1 to the vet to get his nails trimmed, and that was an adventure. He’s not a fan of the nail trimming. The vet tech handed me a muzzle, and I was all offended, because my puppy is not mean. He was just scared. And he didn’t want to wear it. So the guy helper hoisted him onto the table (he’s a big dog, around 70 pounds, I think. Guessing because he was too scared to get on the big scale). Somehow this process ended up expressing some certain glands that other dog owners are probably aware of but I wasn’t, really. I am now though! Anyway, he held puppy down, I talked to puppy, and the nails got trimmed. And he was fine. Didn’t even try to snap at anyone; his tail was wagging the whole time. (I TOLD you my puppy’s not mean.)

So! That’s why the end of last week got lost. And on Saturday, the girl (who is a flutist extraordinaire) had a solo and ensemble contest. IMG_1638She was taking both a solo and a flute quartet, so we spent the day inside a high school filled with musicians. It was actually pretty fun. I really love band/orchestra kids. They’re so interesting, so strange and often so confident in their quirkiness. Maybe lots of teenagers are like that; I know theater kids are too. And the hallways were full of funny flyers, and this one was my fave.IMG_1639Obviously my girl is not evil, just fabulous. I know this because despite all her fretting and worrying, she scored a 1 ranking on her solo (rankings are 1-5, one being the best) which means she gets to move on to the state level. Woohoo! Of course I did knit that day while we waited and waited. I worked on little Yoda hats. I worked on little Yoda hats yesterday too, with the little knitting time I had. Since it was the birthday, we had to do presents, go bowling (I won 2 out of 3 games) and go out to dinner. But with all the little bits of time here and there, I managed to knit three Yoda hats, and this morning I sewed on the ears and they are complete.IMG_4027I only love them a little. Ok. A lot. It’s a happy little baby family of Yoda hats. They’re Ravelled here if you want more details. My only sadness comes because this used the rest of my Yoda green yarn, and that color’s no longer available. I will have a find a new Yoda yarn. These little hats will probably go on my Etsy shop, and if they don’t sell there, they’ll travel to a show I’m doing at the end of April.

So there you go! Now you know why I’ve been MIA for several days. But now you’re stuck with me because I’ve got a new WIP that I’m in love with so I’ll be sharing that in the near future. Until then, happy knitting!